INANOZ from the begining has a simple and effective philosophy.

  • Maximum quality and concern 

  • Maximum durability

  • Maximum professionalism

to us explaining quality is casy but proving quality requires speciality. And also quality is the factor that distinquishes one company to the other and one construction to the other.

From our inception we adapt up to now:

  • During work maintaining quality of construction and equipment

  • Quality labour

  • Quality use of construction material

We have adapted a zero tolerance attitude. We were our own strongest critics for work we hawe done. We obtained this as a result of our quality control that can be seen from those who trusted us for whom we have made constructions.

This is a principle of either a durable construction or not when establishing any relationsihip we highly consider the construction and when being used. We acknowledged the importance of security in the construction sector.

Professionalism for us is a matter of live when creating a building the best way of resolving problems is by professional attitude. Most important is as ‘civil construction’ is a concept of creation from none to vision the future, then it is inevitable that experienced and professional attitude is very vital.

We are one and ready for services with our staff and experience.

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